Friday, 28 May 2010

Thanks again to Diane and Vogue Italia! Who made this whole event happen.

Some after party pictures!

Me and Diane Pernet- It was such an honour to meet her!

Fred Butler, Amira Fritz and Fedirico Tinelli

Amira Fritz, Diane Pernet, And Mario Salvucci.   
 The Light!

thanks for letting me stay with you Natasha!!

A picture of the lovely Natasha and her friend the day I left Milan.


Here are some of the Directors that had their film shown as part of the exhibition and me on the front page of Vogue Italia! And the lovely Diane Pernet! It was a fantastic experience to meet them all and was also great to be there with other directors representing london with the lovely Elisha Smith Leverock and Justin Anderson who both had made gorgeous films for this light series!

Here are Elisha Smith Leverock, Me, Mario Sulvulcci, and Justin Anderson. You can see more photo's from the event by Diane Pernet at the link below.

Natasha Slater and friends.
Here is one of Mario Salvucci's amazing Light sculptures that adorned the exhibtion.
Justin Anderson and his beautiful video!
moi! See the full Video interviews here.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Primary 1 Princess Directed by Radical Friend

Primary 1 Princess from Paranoid US on Vimeo.
Artist: Primary 1
Song: Princess

Director: Radical Friend
Production Co: Paranoid US & Dandy Dwarves
VFX and Post: Paranoid Design Studio
Producer: Josh Lind
DP: Kevin Phillips
Choreography: Nina McNeely
Princess & Choreography: Mecca Andrews
Marching Choreography: Will Lemon
Visual Effects: Andrew Cook
Flame Artist & Color Correction: Seb Caudron
Head of Post Production: Guillaume Raffi
Roto Artists: Derek Hansen & Maggie Balaco
Art Director: Peter Klein
Wardrobe: Diana Contreras & Mindy Le Brock
Hair & Makeup: Erin Nichols & William Lemon III

Record Label: Atlantic Records UK

I have to say, blue sky and sand, what more could you want. I'm loving Radical Friend's Magritte inspired video for Primary 1. Also worth having a look at the video they did for Yeasayer's track Ampling AmP, which I listened to non-stop for about a week when it came out!... Here are some stills from the video. Follow this link to see the full video.
you can view here..