Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Little Boots Video goes LIVE

It was such a pleasure for me that Vic from Litle Boots got in contact and had been a fan of my fashion films for a while. Vic wanted me to pitch on the Every Night I Sayer A Prayer video. I loved the track and it was exciting to create something very different to any of the videos she has done before. Initially inspired by Paris is Burning we wanted to draw on the performance element and make a more london, and abstract version. In this realm we wanted to create a more conceptual take on a music video. Moving into more of a dance:performance video. The theatre esque vignette's for our sets were based on different stages during a play/performance. For example -the curtains, the green room/waiting room, the actual performance and the after party/contest scene... These tableaus (living pictures) relied on movement happening within the frame coming to life with an amazing cast and amazing performance from Vic! Watch it here. Hope you like it!