Monday, 9 August 2010

The Couture Issue video "Can You Hear Them" Featured on the blog!

Zaiba Jabbar directs this month's F156 FILM
Can you hear them? Through the trees... with their guns? They’re close. I can feel it....

Since having worked with the award winning, up and coming filmmaker Zaiba Jabbar on our Summer Issue, we here at F156 have been itching to start another project with her and we’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with this amazing young, London talent once more for our ‘Couture Campers Issue’.

The lovely Zaiba recently won first prize at the ASVOF Film Festival for her ‘1 minute light series’ entry, featuring William Richard Green’s collection which I blogged about a few weeks back . This time Zaiba directs our F156 FILM entitled ‘Can You Hear Them?’ A sinister tone is set, deep in the woods where our Couture Camping subjects are submersed into an intoxicating orange smoke and dark shadows. Lost in a sensational and surreal world, our subjects are torn between light and darkness with a distinct element of the hunt following close behind.

To accompany our main fashion editorial, Zaiba has captured our stills in motion with a feeling of suspense and fear that has had us all gripped in the office since we saw the final cut! Another amazing film by this gobsmacking-ly talented girl. I love the way she has captured our green armed boys, clad in Katie Eary skins from head to toe as they hunt down Couture fawns that dress in fur and layers of florescent Perspex. Enjoy these stills and enjoy the film even more...

Fashion Direction and Styling: Guy Hipwell.

See more of Zaiba Jabbar’s work here.

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