Friday, 15 October 2010


Here a few stills for a film coming soon all shot last night at the opening night of The Royal Dalston Hotel.
Thanks to Lyall Hakaraia.

Check the facebook page for events.

"'House of Organza' is made up of some of London’s most creatives list, PIERS ATKINSON, FRED BUTLER JUDY BLAME, DR NOKI, LYALL HAKARAIA, PINS LONDON, CRAIG LAWRENCE, Each 'House of Organza' designer has been given gold plated pins and they will work with golden materials to create their pieces. These pieces and a short film directed by Jez Tozer will be exhibited at Vogue Fabrics during the ROYAL DALSTON HOTEL period.

The ADORN exhibition will be part of the art installation ' The Royal Dalston Hotel ' which marks Frieze Art week from the 14th to the 17th of October .We are expecting to a lot of coverage on the '?Hotel ' and the ADORN exhibition." Press Release

Johnny Woo in Craig Lawrence

Piers Atkinson's piece for House of Organza ( this was my favourite!)

Johnny Woo
Johnny Woo & Lyall Hakaraia

Scottee Scottee

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