Friday, 29 October 2010

Kim Howells blog!!

The delightful Kim Howells wrote this lovely feature on her blog about me. Which is soo lovely of her, thanks!! She is a super cool stylist so have a look at the many things she is up too.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Mumdance ft. Esser Don’t Forget Me Now (Mad Descent) Director: Ben Reed

I had to share this.. It really put a smile on my face...


Last night was the launch of New Gen sponsored knitwear designer Craig Lawrence's exclusively made knitted pieces for super cool store Machine-A.

Alongside his exhibition in-store, Craig installed a live VIP room in the window of Machine-A adorned with glimmers of Lawrence's pieces. This was then the set where an all dancing glitter Live performance took place. I went down to film all this happening...

Here are some stills from the film coming soon.

Dj sets by Teeth, Alex Carle and Anna Murray.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

House Of Organza Video up on Dazed Digital

Read the article here.


Last night I went to a fashion film night called Video Re-See created by Anna Walker.
Alongside the film I made for Hermione De Paula's SS11 collection using Kristin Vicari's beautiful photographs, was a really cool selection from up-and-coming designer's such as J.W Anderson, Craig Lawrence, Holly Fulton and Hasan Hajazi to name a few. The films were projected on loop and was a really fun evening. I look forward to the next one!

Monday, 18 October 2010


A film I edited for designer Hermione De Paula S/S11 on Another.
The film was edited together by me from a series of stills photo's all shot by Fashion Photographer Kristin Vicari and a still from the video got up on Another.

Friday, 15 October 2010


Here a few stills for a film coming soon all shot last night at the opening night of The Royal Dalston Hotel.
Thanks to Lyall Hakaraia.

Check the facebook page for events.

"'House of Organza' is made up of some of London’s most creatives list, PIERS ATKINSON, FRED BUTLER JUDY BLAME, DR NOKI, LYALL HAKARAIA, PINS LONDON, CRAIG LAWRENCE, Each 'House of Organza' designer has been given gold plated pins and they will work with golden materials to create their pieces. These pieces and a short film directed by Jez Tozer will be exhibited at Vogue Fabrics during the ROYAL DALSTON HOTEL period.

The ADORN exhibition will be part of the art installation ' The Royal Dalston Hotel ' which marks Frieze Art week from the 14th to the 17th of October .We are expecting to a lot of coverage on the '?Hotel ' and the ADORN exhibition." Press Release

Johnny Woo in Craig Lawrence

Piers Atkinson's piece for House of Organza ( this was my favourite!)

Johnny Woo
Johnny Woo & Lyall Hakaraia

Scottee Scottee


RATE Cassia by Zaiba Jabbar here on shooting people.

CASSIA by Zaiba Jabbar on FASHION 156

Such a lovely wright up by Julia Kasper!

Cassia By Zaiba Jabbar

Regular blog readers and F156Film lovers will already know the work of Zaiba Jabbar. For anyone who doesn’t, let Zaiba introduce Cassia. She is an isolated, enchanting heroine with a beauty and aura that is destructive and eyes that draw mortals in like moths to an eyelash framed flame. She sits upon her rooftop waiting and searching for what she knows is ‘out there’ on moonlit nights that are filled with couture urban gangs bedecked in sequins and glitter.
To an uneasy soundtrack by The Vile Bodies, the story plays out with all the ingredients that we have come to know and love Zaiba Jabbar for. With ultimate suspense, acidic beauty and a way with lighting that is comparable to no other filmmaker in her genre, ‘Cassia’ is undeniably a work that is, in it’s predatory nature, utterly addictive.
With Zaiba’s ever-growing portfolio of diverse, striking fashion films including her award winning “1-minute Light Series” in collaboration with Vogue Italia and A Shaded View of Fashion Film Festival, we’re eagerly awaiting her coming projects with Charlie Le Mindu and William Richard Green for SS’11.
So, for now I watch Cassia with equal measures of fright and wonder, and shuffle with a heightened sense of caution as I cross the city at night. I’m certainly going to take note from Cassia by drawing a pair of trapping eyes onto my palms so that I can eliminate my enemies with a quick flash of wide, spreading fingers like deadly eyelashes and run back to the safety of my own rooftop.
Video courtesy of Zaiba Jabbar
Posted by Julia Kasper

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Shingai Shoniwa from The Noisette's & Anni Mac

Last night was the launch of a special ONLINE forum called 'Shape What's to Come', which aims to promote up-and-coming women who work in the creative industry. The panel discussion was hosted by filmmaker Kathryn Ferguson, dj/producer Ikonika, Design Studio/brand consultancy duo Anna Murray & Grace Winteringham of Patternity, social entrepreneur and editor-in-Cheif Justice Williams and Blogger Kristin Knox, lead in their discussion by Annie Mac. I was honoured to be invited to this very exclusive evening alongside the creme de la creme of young aspiring women in the creative world.
We were entertained with music by The Noisettes and a dj set by IKONIKA, alongside a few beers.

It was a really a special evening and so truly inspiring to hear all the personal accounts of each individuals creative and unique journey's.

The lovely Camille Sanson Fashion Photographer who was also exclusively invited.

Have a look at her cool work!
TRU LIFE Magazine



Charlie Le Mindu blog

On Diane Pernet's blog

Me and Konstantinos Menelaou at ASVOFF 3 @ Centre Pompidue, such a fun time was had! x

Monday, 11 October 2010


A Conversation With Zaiba Jabbar
by Brodie Lancaster on 11/10/2010 in Fashion


After winning the Vogue Italia and A Shaded View on Fasion Film Festival’s 1Minute “Light” Series Competition earlier this year with a film showcasing William Richard Green’s AW10 collection, London-based filmmaker Zaiba Jabbar has continued her assault on the ever-expanding new genre of fashion filmmaking with her new work, Cassia.

Starring model Abigail Rose Mason as our titular heroine, Cassia takes its viewer on a journey through a night filled with modern gangs. Cassia and her nocturnal counterparts were styled by Ella Dror and Alex Carle in a bevvy of designer bounty, including pieces by Ann-Sofie Back, William Green, American Apparel, Craig Lawrence, Gemma Slack and Dr. Martens.

We got the chance to speak with Zaiba about both Cassia and her approach to fashion filmmaking.

PTV: What were your inspirations- visually, narratively, sartorially- for Cassia?
Zaiba Jabbar: I was inspired by London, by translating the constant fashion in motion that happens around me. Also by the places I go and using designers like Charlie Le Mindu, Iris Van Herpen, and Qasimi, and recontextualising these extraordinary clothes in mundane settings and familiar places to create a narrative style piece that revolves around fundamentally about wanting to belong. And of course still be visually very stunning and keep it really London!

How did this project differ from your film for William Richard Green, with a more varied wardrobe and a looser theme?
Budget! Ha! …Well, with the WRG film it was a more of an exploration of an idea that I had wanted to realise. I had wanted to use these moving lights so I approached Will and said we should use his clothes (as I thought the rubber pieces would work really well). We made the film for under £50 with just the 3 of us: me, the designer and the model Thomas Ashley. After winning the ASVOFF & Vogue Italia competition it proved that there really are no rules associated to what you can call a fashion film. But for me as a filmmaker I’m always trying to explore new territory, so with Cassia I wanted it to be completely different. Cassia was a much larger production and involved working with a variety of people. I also wanted to tell a story, test the water with a more narrative-driven piece.

What attracts you to fashion film? What makes fashion filmmaking different from other types (shorts, music videos etc.)?
Getting into fashion film was completely by accident. I’d been working in the music video industry and had just started to direct a few low budget music videos (which, looking back now, were all quite style driven!) and a very good friend of mine, Lauren Cochrane, a fashion journalist, had put my name forward to Fashion East founder Lulu Kennedy. DavidDavid was showing as part of Fashion East that year and had wanted a film instead of a catwalk. We had a few meetings and I had pitched an idea. It was all quite serendipitous when I think about it. I think with the DavidDavid video it is very evident of my music video background music, something that still is integral to any fashion film I make. I think as a medium it is the combination of audio and visuals colliding, making beautiful images work with cool sounds is something I get very excited about exploring. And with fashion film there is a real window in which to do that.

I always like to Zaiba-fy any video I make. I like to approach each film individually and put a unique and odd stamp on it. Keep it fresh and trust my own instinct, and not get too influenced by what other people are doing.

Fashion film initially is about promotion of a brand but I think it has now turned into more of an art form, as well as another box to be ticked for a designer or lab. The gap between the two extremes is now bridging because what we claim is fashion film is altering. We find ourselves in a situation where a video of a photo shoot can be a fashion film. I think it seems like moving fashion content is on demand and the integration of that is where the balance between the two is occurring the most. Its not just the high fashion houses all commercial enterprises are slowly realising the importance of moving content.

What are you working on next?
I’ve just done a video for Charlie Le Mindu SS11, in which I’ve presented an alternative reality of his catwalk and made it a piece itself, helping to bring a new lease on life, a second wind- to a soon forgotten event -the catwalk of any designer. I’m also working on a new video for William Richard Green SS11, which we’re planning a launch screening for in November.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Photo's from Paris

Here are a selection of weird and wonderful images of things and people I found while on my trip in Paris.
Abdul Bounane

Yoanne Lemoine

Me with some weird plastic rubbish/instalation

Diane Pernet's ASVOFF 3 @ Centre Pompidou

I recently had the pleasure of going to Paris where one of my fashion films- Cassia was selected to be screened as part of the festival. Here are a few pics of me with the lovely Konstantinos -ASVOFF Producer-At-Large and Diane Pernet.